To different people, the word “home” can mean a variety of things. A true home, according to Lulu Puras, is the physical manifestation of the universal desire to be enveloped by warmth, peace, comfort, and, ultimately, love. A home is, by definition, something personal and intimate. We strive to give our clients a sense of belonging.

Lulu has dedicated her life to raising the energy of spaces and tuning them to a frequency of love. After all, love is the driving force behind everything she does. This feeling is shared by everyone at Lulu Puras, and it shows in the work we do.

Our mission guides every line we trace, every measurement we take, and every meeting we have with our customers: to improve the quality of life through the transformative magic of great design, creating unique sensory experiences that release good energy and spread it all around. We accomplish this in three ways: through our design services, studio services, and our store.

Our Design Services

We provide full-service interior design with a focus on residential and hospitality spaces. The emphasis is on total gut renovations and new construction. Our design work reflects our core value of being committed to GREATNESS. Our high standards set the stage for us to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Choosing furniture and finishes with Gabriela, Michelle, and Lulu is a fun and exciting experience.

Working with multiple parties on such a large project can be extremely taxing for homeowners. That is why we work hard to establish win-win relationships, acting as the go-between for architects, contractors, and customers. Our design director, Nayda, will always look out for your best interests.

The project reveal day is a celebration of a journey that begins with your vision and culminates in a haven of happiness that is uniquely yours.

Our Studio Services

Our studio team is known for enhancing specific areas of your home using well-thought styling and curated decor pieces for smaller-scale projects. Sometimes all that is required is the right wallpaper or a one-of-a-kind textile or accessory to transform a space into a work of art that tells a story. We are certain that after meeting with Sandra, you will feel uplifted, alive, and full of energy.

Our constant pursuit of magic enables us to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. That is why our logistics team, Pamela and Christian, work tirelessly to ensure that your special orders arrive on time.

The Lulu Puras Store

The Lulu Puras store in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, is where you can experience, touch, and feel the collection of lines we carry. You should come here if you’re looking for design ideas, unique gift ideas, or a little decor motivation. As soon as you walk through the door, Heriberto will greet you warmly and immerse you in the joy we give and seek. Caroline oversees our operations and ensures that everything runs smoothly. Maria is our brand ambassador, and she meticulously documents all of our projects and new items in the store before sharing them with our customers and designer partners.

So, in essence, we are a team that is committed to GREATNESS and EXCELLENCE and is focused on our mission. We love what we do and do it with passion. We create long-term WIN-WIN relationships.

We are always on the lookout for MAGIC. We seek and provide JOY.

Allow us to be a part of your incredible journey of turning your house into a home.