About Lulu

Lulu Puras is a Puerto Rican entrepreneur and designer based in the Caribbean but with a global perspective.

A strong believer in the power of good vibes, Lulu has made it her life’s work to elevate the energy of spaces and tune them to a frequency of love. Love is, after all, the driving force behind everything she does.

Over the last 25 years, Lulu has grown to master her signature design process, which is centered around authentically connecting to the people with whom she works. Starting from a profound place of empathy, Lulu specializes in gifting her clients with a feeling of home. Home, she says, is that universal desire to feel enveloped by warmth, peace, comfort, and, ultimately, love.

A true original, Lulu refuses to follow trends, but rather carves her own trail through a continuous search for knowledge and inspiration, both of which she finds in her everyday life as well as her global travels.

Lulu is certain that a happy place can change the world for the better and welcomes the opportunity to help you create yours.

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