About Lulu

A happy life and family are central to my success and design approach; in fact, I am a proud mother of two. My son wants to be a veterinarian while my daughter loves to make art pieces for interiors.

My mission is to increase beauty because it can bring happiness globally, and happiness should always be our primary goal in life. That’s how I became passionate about interior design, the art of making something out of nothing, and, is there anything more beautiful than that?

In addition to that, I live through entrepreneurship and spirituality. At the end of the day, it’s all about good energy and helping your soul (and others) to cherish and grow.
That’s why I value my team so much. A group of people working together, synergically moving in the same direction to spread good vibes, is unstoppable!

My path wasn’t always clear and bright until one day, I got a phone call that changed my life forever. I started working right after college, over 20 years ago. Back then work was more mechanical. I didn’t have much experience and felt overworked rather than fulfilled. Luckily, as we know, good things happen to those who keep trying and put in the hard work.

So one day, about eight years ago, I was asked by a very inspiring client on a tight schedule to renovate his house in Puerto Rico. He had to leave the island for three months, so that was our window to do the renovation project, from start to finish, shipping time (which being on an island is quite challenging) included.
So our team put their heart and hands into the work, and after three months, I got that call; The client was thrilled with our work, and with sincere gratitude, he said: “Thank you, I had a house, you gave me a home.”

That was my epiphany! I had found my purpose because I realized how vital my design ideas could be for other people and how exciting and inspiring that reaction was for my personal growth.

Every project is different, but my approach is not. I always start with connection (to the place) and intention (how we want to feel). From that cornerstone, a conversation begins, and ideas begin to flow. When starting a new construction or renovation project, it seems almost like walls start to talk. And they can have a strong and individual voice, just like people do, so I like to listen, and that’s how every project ends up being unique and authentic.

To achieve a great design, the one that WOWs people, you need to be fearless and honest; a home that is not true to its inhabitant is just a fancy house.

Looking back, it was not always easy, but I was resilient enough and a bit lucky maybe, in meeting the right people at the right time. And thinking about Puerto Rico with its challenges and its beautiful sun, I am sure there’s no other place in the world I would be happier to work in!