Beachfront East Beach Residence

Dorado, PR

Nature was the main source of inspiration for this residence. It is located in front of the ocean, with nature surrounding everywhere you look. The perfect combination of textures was inspired by the sand, ocean foam, tree bark, driftwoods, rocks, palm trees, and many other natural elements.

The uniqueness of this project is that we had the pleasure of collaborating on it from the very beginning, bringing the project to life from the ground up. It was great to be able to give our input and design perspective in every detail of the construction and design, working with the developer, architects, contractors, suppliers.

The client had visited the Spa at the Ritz Carlton in Dorado and fell in love. Based on that experience we worked with the dark rough woods, the Coraline stones, the black River pebbles and tried keeping them in their most natural state.

They wanted to enjoy and live the different textures on the floors and walls which is why walking barefoot on the Coraline and wood floors is such a great experience, you feel the roughness and nature through the sense of touch everywhere you go.
Something very important was for everything to feel like it had been there forever, nothing felt brand new.

For me the client’s happiness is the best result there could be, this is pure joy!  Seeing how they loved every corner of the house. Receiving their messages of appreciation on the final result and how much they were enjoying it. 

The process was definitely very fun, we built a beautiful relationship with the client, having their full trust, being able to get to know them and reflect who they are through the design, and having their assurance that we fulfilled and exceeded their expectations.

The final result demonstrated the beautiful production that was the whole process and the teamwork that was involved, working as a team with everybody involved in the whole process.

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Dorado, PR From the first moment we visited this property our mission was evident: we had to bring the outdoor color palette indoors. It was

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