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Our Mission

It is our mission to improve the quality of life through the transformative magic of great design, creating unique sensory experiences that release good energy and spread it all around.

Our Values

At Lulu Puras we are a hardworking, dedicated team that does the extraordinary and does it with intent and purpose. We are committed to GREATNESS and excellence. We have high standards, for we never settle, and always work towards the best outcome. We go above and beyond to defy expectations, to surprise and delight to create a positive experience.

We LOVE what we do, and we do it with LOVE. Empathy is our main source of guidance, we observe, and listen.  Our team will always treat you with kindness.

At Lulu Puras we believe in building WIN-WIN relationships to last. Creating mutually beneficial relationships for a shared purpose and taking care of each other. We value open communication, deep loyalty, and respect. Working with honesty, integrity, and transparency, our goal is to work with you and provide the services you need, always showing dedication and pride in our work.

We believe in the Alchemy of Design, for that we are always in pursuit of MAGIC, turning anything common into something extraordinary. Working with our team is fun, we seek and give
JOY. We believe in the power of laughter. Sharing happiness is our ultimate goal, with the intent to always make you smile.

Caroline Rodríguez

Operations Manager

Caroline Rodriguez is our Operations Manager at Lulu Puras.

There is no task too big for her, she loves a challenge, but mostly, to give her all and make things happen. She is a team builder, team leader and team player, her approach in situations is always full of empathy and love. She is our Win-Win ambassador, making sure everyone’s needs are covered. Prior to working at Lulu Puras, she worked as a General Manager of a local company for 3 years and as a Visual Merchandiser for 4 years. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business administration with a concentration in Accounting. She is currently perusing a Master’s in Business Administration

Superpowers  |  Unafraid to work hard and long, Readiness, Persistence

Started working at Lulu Puras in 2019

Favorite Color  |  Black & Green

Quote to live by  |  “Every negative thing has a positive.”

Michelle Acevedo

Senior Designer

Michelle Acevedo is a dynamic Senior Designer at Lulu Puras.

With 13 years of experience in the Interior Design Industry, Michelle brings her experience and unique approach in design to every project she works at Lulu Puras. Known for her amazing taste and sense of style, Michelle will always delight us with her spectacular sourcing of the most unique pieces for our projects. She is resourceful, approachable, and a team player, she helps us all in any task we need, giving us her expertise with love. Prior to working at Lulu Puras, she worked as a sales associate, and interior designer. She loves to travel the world, she has gone to Interior Design and Furniture Fairs like, Salone del Mobile in Milan, Maison & Objet in Paris, and High Point Market, in North Carolina.

Superpowers  |  Understanding the customer’s vision, Keen eye for design, Sourcing the perfect pieces

Started working at Lulu Puras in 2018

Favorite Color  |  Blue in all its shades

Quote to live by  |  “There’s more happiness in given than there is in receiving.”

Sandra Irizarry

Project Stylist

Sandra Irizarry is our stylist at Lulu Puras.  She is our promoter of love, laughter and unity at our firm. We love her fierceness in selecting amazing, unique and stylish pieces, for our clients. One thing we are sure of, after a meeting with Sandra you’ll feel uplifted, alive and with great energy. Sandra has worked as a stylist  the past 8 years. She Graduated from Sagrado Corazón University with a bachelor’s degree in Publicity.

Superpowers  |  Friendliness, Persuasiveness, Determination 

Started working at Lulu Puras in 2019

Favorite Color  |  Pink

Quote to live by  |  “Beauty is the illumination of your soul.”

Christian Ferrer

Logistics Coordinator

Christian Ferrer is our Logistics Coordinator at Lulu Puras.

He brings his positive vibes to the firm daily.
Even on our toughest days, he always remains calm and has a positive attitude that helps us achieve excellent outcomes. Christian loves to share his weekend adventures with his family on our Monday Huddles, his smile and laughter are always contagious. Prior to working at Lulu Puras, he worked as a receiving clerk at a local company, doing inspections and control of materials.

Superpowers  |  Patience, Being a Super Dad & Loyalty

Started working at Lulu Puras in 2020

Favorite Color  |  Red

Quote to live by  |  “Sunshine is the best medicine.”

Gabriela Fernandez

Junior Designer

Gabriela Fernandez is our Junior designer at Lulu Puras.  She is driven by love and is a true ambassador of this value.

She is a team player that always puts our clients’ needs first and goes above and beyond to accomplish project goals. Her magic, empathy and determination are key factors in her achievements.  Prior to working at Lulu Puras, she worked for a local coffee company for 5 years as General Manager.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design with a minor in sculpture from the Escuela de Artes Plásticas y Diseño.

Superpowers  |  Photographic memory, kind, resourceful

Started working at Lulu Puras in 2021

Favorite Color  |  Pink

Quote to live by  |  “They may cut all the flowers, but they’ll never stop Spring.”

Pamela Pacheco

Traffic Coordinator

Pamela Pacheco is our Traffic Coordinator at Lulu Puras.

She is proactive, an absolute problem solver and
a definite team worker. She is always full of Joy that motivates our team to create results.  Prior to working at Lulu Puras, she has worked 2 years as a Warehouse Operations Manager, focused on the productivity of her employees and as a Team Leader of a local company for 4 years. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Puerto Rico.

Superpowers  |  Kindness, Motivational and persistence in achieving goals. 

Started working at Lulu Puras in 2021

Favorite Color  |  Green

Quote to live by  |  “Your special gift becomes more powerful as you use it.”

Interior Design Projects

Join us in exploring some of the projects were we have taken our customer vision to an elevated design and helped craft a breathtaking yet inviting reality.


Dorado, PR From the first moment we visited this property our mission was evident: we had to bring the outdoor color palette indoors. It was

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