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How Lulu Puras started working as an exclusive Moroso dealer in Puerto Rico

It was 2006 in Milan when Lulu walked past their booth for the first time and her life changed. A design perspective sparked within her. She had not realized, until that moment, that furniture could become such works of art. Their fabrics and textures opened up her mind.

In 2018, Sabine, who was Moroso’s rep, recommended Lulu Puras as the exclusive Moroso dealer in Puerto Rico because of our proven track record of purchases. Lulu went to New York and 5 minutes after meeting Moroso, we fell in love with each other. Moroso is a great family, regardless of where in the world they are. Moroso treats their exclusive dealers as part of their family and the relationship is uniquely special.

“I treasure my relationship with the Moroso family with my heart and soul. I feel like we share the same life and design perspective. Everything is passion, they want their designs to reach your soul. Money does not motivate them. Only passion for design, passion for doing things right. Making great things that last a lifetime. – Lulu

our favorites from Moroso

Anomaly Stool

Bohemian Chair

Clarissa Chair

Gentry Sofa

Ruff Chair

Gogan Sofa

Lilo Chair

Lilo Chaise

M.A.S.S.A.S. Sofa

Mathilda Chairs

Morning Glory Tables

Net Tables

Phoenix Tables

Pipe Chair

Redondo Chair

Tropicalia Chair

Interior Design Projects

Join us in exploring some of the projects were we have taken our customer vision to an elevated design and helped craft a breathtaking yet inviting reality.


Dorado, PR From the first moment we visited this property our mission was evident: we had to bring the outdoor color palette indoors. It was

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