Caribbean Resort-Style Living

Dorado, PR

Inspired by the sophisticated yet simple style of our clients and the breathtaking views surrounding this home, Villa 7 interiors came to life. On our first meeting with our client, we had a clear understanding of what to do, make this house, their home. Our intention in the design was to have unique experiences with stunning decor in each room.  Bringing the outdoor, tropical, warm feeling, inside. For this, our furniture, decor and art selections were carefully curated. We wanted each space to be dynamic, and to awaken your senses, creating feelings of warmth, excitement, serenity and joy.  

Our biggest challenge in the design of this home was the living room double height ceiling wall. A blank canvas that had to be resolved for us to design the room around it. This is my favorite part of design, getting creative to resolve challenges, resulting in unique solutions that usually create opportunities for spectacular design. The intention was to bring the outdoors into this wall, as if we opened the door, and the landscape blew in and became part of the interiors.  I wanted it to be subtle and simple, yet bold and stunning. That’s when Magic began, I remembered the Canadian artist Pascale Girardin, whose art, I’ve admired for years and dreamt of collaborating with. A serendipity encounter in New York City took place and this wall had her name, and it would be the most important feature at Villa 7.

From the moment you walk into the front door, you begin a journey of exploration and discovery into each room. Unique handmade pieces from artists around the world are in every corner of the home. The Murano Glass Chandelier from Veronese Paris, welcomes you, speaking a language of Love, with the neon art from the English artist, Tracey Emin. Also in this room we chose to have the solid bronze chair sculpture by French artist Patrick E. Nagar and the stunning mirror from BDDW, that adds depth and intrigue to the entry. For the living room, we wanted classic, comfort and style to enjoy alone or accompanied  the views and art. We chose big curvy sofa’s from the Vintage Vladimir Kagan collection, complemented with Kelly Wearstler pink chairs and Christian Liaigre slip covered chairs that add sophistication yet playfulness to this great room. 

To create intimacy and character we added solid bronze transition frames from room to room. Textured natural walls were very important to tell the story in Villa 7. We wanted each space to feel like it had a life of its own and could be enjoyed depending on the mood. One of our favorite moments of this home is the dining room walls, covered in Elitis artisanal wallcovering, made of woven raffias and pieces of paper, handmade in remote villages. Textured wallcoverings are a main theme and were carefully chosen to be admired and create different moods and feelings throughout. Always with the intention to wow and uplift the spirit of the family members and guests that often visit.

Every bedroom at Villa 7 tells a unique story. We added different textures, and soft color palettes to make each room have a character of its own.  We chose to do the master bedroom with a degrade from beige to white tones. Fearlessly we chose our material selections for this room, that includes, hand made paper and linen walls, dark and light woods, white linen in contrast with soft velvet and different tones in leather. We designed the guest bedrooms as hotel bedroom suites, with similar design and different textures to create unique experiences for every guest and every stay.

Making a luxurious beach home look sophisticated and relaxing requires ingenuity. It needs to have perfect communication with its surroundings. It was very important when selecting all wallcoverings, linens and textures that they were natural.  We carefully selected all to be either hand-made, hand-painted, hand-printed and made with natural fibers like silk, linen, cotton, wool, grasscloth, and banana leaf to name a few. Villa 7 is surrounded by the beautiful, inspiring Caribbean sea. Filled with contrast from the rough palm trees around the landscape, soft sand on the beach, and fresh salty air and water from the sea.

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Dorado, PR From the first moment we visited this property our mission was evident: we had to bring the outdoor color palette indoors. It was

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